Carol Ross - Artist-Sammamish Washington

Artist Statement

My Studio, light filled and messy, and where I spend many hours. 

As an art extrovert, I paint both to connect with people and to push my work beyond the “obvious” and into a story that I want to tell.  I am passionate about recording the humor, the absurd, and the eccentric that surrounds us. 


I have a disciplined studio practice and work in series, whether subject or palette driven.  This gives me the chance to reflect on themes from several perspectives.  

My work is a process where I find a subject, study it, maybe add in  humor or emotion and then go to the easel.


Watching and listening to individuals discuss my work reinforces my sense of success.  It means the painting was accessible and produced an emotional reaction whether it is excitement, contemplation, or a smile.  Unfortunately because of the Covid Virus, I am rarely able to hear how someone is responding to my work.  Feel free to leave me messages as it will possibly feed another painting or two...



 Current Gallery Representation


     Fogue Gallery and Studios, Georgetown, WA


     Women Painters of Washington, Seattle, WA


Education:  Bachelor of Arts University of Washington, 1993-present: Courses and Workshops, including: Artist Trust Professional Development, Kirkland Arts Center (studied with Michael Otterson, Donna Lindeman Porter), Pratt Fine Arts, Gage Academy


Professional Experience: Gallery Manager for artEAST Gallery 2010-2019, Curator for various artEAST Exhibitions, Jurist for artEAST Gallery artist application, Sammamish Arts Commission 2012-2014


Professional Affiliations: Evergreen Association of Fine Arts (2016, 2018), Mt Si Artist Guild, (2018, 2019), Artist Trust (2016-2019),Women Painters of Washington (2020)



2018 Finalist MSAG “Small Works”, Juried by Che Lopez, Monetary Award

2015 Sammamish Awards Finalist 



Selected Group Shows and Exhibitions          

2020       Wenatchee Valley Museum, "The Legacy Continues", Wenatchee, WA

KAC Gallery, Kirkland, WA, “Threshold”, Jan-Feb, Juried by J Gordon

Smith and Vallee Gallery, Edison WA, “Birds Eye View”, January 31-March 1st, Invitational

Overlake Hospital (Public Art Program), Bellevue, Jan-Mar, Curated by Diana Grant

KAC Gallery, Kirkland, WA, “Retrospective”, Invitational, Curated by Donna Porter, spring 2020

2019       KAC Gallery, Kirkland, WA, “Best of KAC”, Juried by Che Lopez, Sandra Farmer and J. Gordon

University House, Issaquah, WA, “Color Theory”, Feb-June, Curated by Anna McCrae and June Sekiguchi

Traumhaus Gallery, Snohomish, WA, 2 person show, Invitational, Curated by Krista Lutz

Washington State Department of Ecology (Public Art Program), 2019

2018       Lynwood Convention Center, Lynwood, WA, “Inventions with Color & Light”, July-December Invitational

Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA, “(in)Habit”, March 13-May 15, Juried

Ida Culver House, Seattle, WA, “Water Soluble”, May-Sept, Seattle, Curated

2017       Schack Art Gallery, Everett, WA, “Best of Schack”, Juried

Gardens at Town Square, Bellevue, WA, “Town and Country”, Oct-Feb, Curated by Anna McCrae

2016       Arteast, Issaquah, WA, “Call of the Clouds”, Jan-March, Juried by Megan Sommerville

Swedish Hospital, Issaquah, WA, “Intensity of Being Human”, Juried by Kate Vrijmoet

Columbia Winery, Woodinville, WA, “The Sky’s The Limit”, Jan 5-March 30, Curated

Village Theater, Issaquah, WA, 2016 Curated

Solo Shows:  

Sammamish City Hall, Sammamish, WA, 2015

Blakely Hall, Issaquah, WA “Transitions to Abstraction and Back” Aug-Sept, 2014


Commission Work in Private Collections: Arizona, California, Iceland, Montana, Virgin Islands, Washington State. 

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